COVID-19 Update

Important Notice


April 24, 2020

To the Eston College Family,

We are so thankful for your consistent support, encouragement and prayers over the past month as we have been navigating how to run an academic institution in the midst of a global health pandemic. You may have some questions about what we have been doing to help minimize the spread of COVID-19 and what we are planning for the future. We have answered some FAQ’s below. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Is the College currently open?

Yes, Eston College has continued operations behind the scenes and will continue to do so into the future. To help flatten the curve, our doors have been closed to the public for several weeks. Many staff have been working from home to ensure the continued provision of high-quality, personal education and support for students and their families.

Will classes run in September?

Yes! For now, we are planning on business as usual to return for our upcoming Fall semester. We expect student residences to open in early September, with our regular commencement week to follow. Of course, we are constantly checking in with health and government officials to ensure we are following the guidelines they set.

When do applications open, and will enrollment be flexible due to COVID-19?

Enrollment for 2020-21 is open now. You can read our student catalogue here. We will monitor all government health recommendations and contact our students and community as the situation evolves.

How can I learn more about the College if I can’t come see the campus?

Our staff are available via phone and email to answer any questions you might have about coming to Eston College and would love to hear from you. We also have a variety of virtual events coming up, through Facebook and Zoom.


Previous Update: March 16, 2020

Amid concerns regarding the Corona Virus, and given Saskatchewan’s proactive stance to prevent its possible spread, we have decided to end the in-residence portion of our academic year as of this Friday. Classes will proceed as per our regular schedule this week and students will head home this weekend. The following will address a few questions you may have:

Will students be able to finish their courses?

Yes! We will provide online learning on a class by class basis to ensure students finish up their courses.

Will students get some money back because the term is ending early?

Absolutely, students will be refunded their room and board on a pro-rated basis.
How long can students stay at the college? The Eston College dormitories and the cafeteria will be closed after supper on Saturday, March 21st.

Will grad still happen this year?

Although our graduation celebration has been postponed until a later date, we will do our best to end the school year well and plan to use this week to celebrate the good things God has done this year.

Is Encounter still happening?

No, at this point we have no plans to host an online event or a postponed version of Encounter 2020.

Has anyone at Eston College been exposed to the Corona Virus?

In case you are wondering, we are not responding reactively. As far as we know, no one in our community has been exposed to or tested for, the Corona Virus. Given our rural context and the residential nature of our college, we believe this decision is the best choice for the season we are walking through.
Thank you for your prayers during this challenging season. We know God has good things in store for Eston College and our students, and we believe he will give us His grace to get through whatever trials today may bring.