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This questionnaire is for all former students of FGBI/Eston College. Please answer these questions as clearly and honestly as possible. This information is a crucial way for us to hear the combined voice of alumni as we make decisions!

Answers on the 2021 surveys have already impacted programming, fee structure, and major changes (including relocation) that we have made in the last two years.

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I believe that God's hand rests on our college to equip and send students into life and ministry. Our college continues to be a place that God has set apart to take students deeper in their faith and grow roots that will be evident with great fruit in eternity. God is moving in our leadership team at the college, our board of directors, and most importantly in our students. I see it every year at graduation time. If you choose Eston college as a key part of your spiritual development and higher learning, you will find a deeper walk with Jesus as I did 30 years ago .
monty johnson
Monty Johnson
My highlights from Eston College were high quality friend time; modular classes with people who were active on the front lines of high impact ministry; WAT trips to England, Africa, New Zealand. I had some of my early opportunities to develop as a speaker in my time at Eston College (was FGBI). I also had my passion for global impact fueled during my time there. ​I feel that there is an atmosphere of spiritual vibrancy and awakening on campus. ​We love the Eston College community and we are cheering you on in the unique and critical role you play in the kingdom.
Rob Parkman
Rob Parkman
The highlight of my time in Eston was the opportunity to make my faith personal, moving from my parents nurturing me in my faith to learning how to grow in my faith on my own. All of this was fostered by the positive peer environment and the guidance of the caring staff. Eston College staff, thank you for the seeds of faith and righteousness you are planting in lives. As Paul says in Gal 6:9, do not “grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.” You are continually preparing for a harvest of righteousness which will impact our country and the world.
dave hooper
Dave Hooper
EC helped give me some base skills in how to study the Word, and inspired me with a desire for continued learning. Watchman Nee's "The Normal Christian Life" was an amazing book that pointed me toward what life in the Word and Spirit could look like. I know that the number of people who have been and continue to be touched by God either directly or indirectly through the ministry of EC is truly astounding. The college has been a tremendous blessing to the Body of Christ in Canada and throughout the world. I look forward to seeing fruit for decades to come!
Brent Nightingale
Brent Nightingale
I came into Bible school with my faith in God as Creator having been hugely challenged by the public school system. G.S McLean and his team enabled my mind to become congruent with my heart and stand soundly on the proof of creation. Everything in life and all spiritual truth stems from mankind being created by Him in His image. It was where I began to identify the voice of the Holy Spirit and was a catalyst for the desire to live a Spirit-led life daily. God uses this environment to highlight areas of our lives that need to be strengthened and leave reflecting more of Jesus.
Brent Nightingale
Charlene Nightingale
Setting aside time to attend EC was one of the best choices I ever made. It was a wonderful place to retreat from the world and sit. Along with spending time studying God’s Word, the meaningful and lasting friendships formed there are priceless. I will always be grateful for those three years at EC and would advise any young person considering what direction to take after completing high school, that choosing to spend time studying God’s word under the great teachers at EC surrounded with peers with the same interests, will make for some of the best times of your life.
ruth delong
Ruth DeLong

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Eston College offers every Eston College, FGBC, and FGBI graduate complimentary tuition for one audit class per year. Just because you have graduated from Eston College does not mean that your journey of learning is over. We want to pour into the lives of every person who has come through the doors of the College.

Graduates can attend one audit class (a class taken without credit) per academic year. Alumni will need to cover a $50 administration fee (for application and Populi), plus room and board if staying on campus. If you wish to take the course for credit, all you pay is the difference in tuition between an audit and credit course (about $60).

Please note: Free classes are not available if an alumnus has graduated with a certificate or diploma and is currently pursuing a further diploma or degree.

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