Future Students

Future Students

More Than a School

we're family

“Now, therefore, you are no longer strangers and foreigners, but fellow citizens with the saints and members of the household of God, having been built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ Himself being the chief cornerstone, in whom the whole building, being fitted together, grows into a holy temple in the Lord, in whom you also are being built together for a dwelling place of God in the Spirit.” Ephesians 2:19-22


in community

At Eston College, we believe that you grow stronger in your relationship with Christ if you are in a community of like-minded believers. Our students not only study together, but worship, pray, eat, and live together. This fosters a long-lasting, spiritual family that builds you up in your faith and nurtures lifelong friendships. Many of our alumni say that their best friends well into adult life are people they went to college with.


beyond books

We value the study of God’s word and other materials, but we also believe that true learning is practical and immersive. Our teachers do more than just lecture. Your classes will include seminars, interaction, group work, and practical assignments and regular outreach trips. Smaller class sizes mean you will get personal support from staff and peers whenever you need it.


into ministry

We believe that everything you learn in class should be actively preparing you for your future in ministry in the church, marketplace or home. James 1:22 says, “don’t just listen to God’s word. You must do what it says.” All of our learning pathways include ministry travel, plus we host multiple conferences and events throughout the school year. You will have plenty of opportunities to practice living out your faith in real-life environments.


A word from our grads

Every moment the Holy Spirit hit me, it was like a freight train. I loved the fact that I got to see there’s always more in store with my relationship with God if I keep pressing into him. EC equipped me for any work I'm ever to do. I was given a new and improved perspective on how to walk with God and motivation to bring that into everything I do. I still just work an average, minimum wage job while I decide my next steps, but my time at EC prepared me for the challenges I face amidst waiting and uncertainty, as well as how to impact the lives around me, no matter what I'm doing.
Kylie Eyestone
Kylie Eyestone
One of the best parts of Eston was having a place where I was able to connect with God in a personal way. There were things throughout the week that would always help me reconnect with God, even if I did not feel like it at the time. Eston has given me tools so that I can give advice and improve my relationship with God at the same time. Eston is also a wonderful place to find friends that are kind and will stay with you for life. Come to Eston if you’re looking for a place that will push you to press into God. Yes, it may seem hard at times but it will always be worth it in the end.
Will Bilec
Will Bilec
Eston College gave me the opportunity to grow immensely in my relationship with God. I learned tools and lessons that have nourished my faith throughout tough times. I believe my time at Eston will continue to grow my faith and confidence in God's faithfulness and calling. A highlight for me was the uplifting community. Knowing that when I needed to talk there were people there to listen and accept me for me. I also loved our many times of prayer and worship. On many occasions the Lord spoke to my heart and deepened my understanding of his love for me.
Thane Ulven
Thane Ulven
My favorite moments at EC were worshiping, celebrating, pursuing, learning and falling in love with Jesus in a community of people that I loved and trusted. I cherish the memories of praying and worshiping, crowded into a single dorm room, of pouring out my heart at the front of the chapel, surrounded by students just as passionate as I was, and of excitedly sharing what God was doing in my heart, dreaming about missions and church planting with my friends late at night. I was surrounded by such an inspiring, encouraging, and passionate community of Jesus lovers.
Jonathan Bragg
Jonathan Bragg
Eston taught me how to be a disciple of Christ and that my personal relationship and devotion with him is essential for any type of work he calls me to do. Fruitful living flows from a healthy, intimate relationship with Father God. Eston also helped develop my boldness to freely share the gospel in any context, whether at work, with friends, or even strangers. There are so many reasons why I would recommend going to Eston to truly solidify your calling and to soak up the word of God. Eston is a family you will find yourself, years later, running this race with!
Breanna Fleuter
Breanna Fleuter
Eston College gave me a huge running start on graduate studies because I'm already well versed in the field and well trained to tackle the assignments. EC developed the tools needed for study and teaching as a pastor. It gave me a broad understanding of theology and history in which I could find where I fit. And it gave me the opportunities for leadership development and practicing pastoral skills. Most importantly, EC anchored me in prayer, the Scriptures, and the Church, and provided me with a foundation of solid friends and mentors I have come to count on throughout life.
jordan duncan
Jordan Duncan
Eston was instrumental in shaping my Christian worldview, my approach to ministry, and the way in which I have learned to see and practice my Christian life. It was at EC that I first considered pastoral ministry, was encouraged by professors to pursue graduate studies, and where I developed the academic, leadership and interpersonal skills that I use daily in pastoral life. It was through Eston that my faith became my own. God shaped in me the basic rhythms of prayer and Scripture that I live out daily in my life as a disciple of Jesus, as a husband, father, pastor and leader.
Nikolas Amodeo
Nikolas Amodeo

Better Together

Spur one another toward love


In today's world most Christians don't give enough time to mature in Christ. Eston College is like a greenhouse for your spiritual growth. Our weekly schedule includes classroom time and a variety of activities designed to foster a richer walk with Christ. We also provide an environment where you can develop habits necessary to faithfully and effectively thrive as a follower of Jesus. We keep each other accountable in a safe place of nurture and fellowship.


Every new on-campus student is assigned a roommate who will help you grow in your faith. Living in the same dorm as brothers and sisters in Christ is like being in a discipleship pressure-cooker. You can't help but mature as one of you sharpens the other. Our in-house cook provides a wide variety of menu items and knows how to make food that appeals to every appetite. A meal in our cozy cafeteria is almost like having a meal at home.


Eston college provides various ways and places for you to get to know your peers. These include a student lounge with couches and a toasty-warm fireplace, along with a recreation room with pool table, ping pong, foosball, and tons of board games. The SRC hosts social events throughout the college year, as well as a regular sports night. The WAT Cafe provides snacks and beverages including specialty coffees, with proceeds going towards student mission trips.


The staff of Eston College develop a deep love and concern for each student and make themselves available for informal, confidential, personal, and spiritual advice. One of the advantages of being a small college is that it provides opportunities for us to become acquainted on a more personal level. If you experience issues beyond the expertise of college personnel, you will be referred to a professional counselor or physician.


The book of Acts records how the early Christians met daily to study God’s word, pray, serve, and eat together. At Eston College we strive to model our community after the Bible. During ABIDE, we will take spiritual practices normally done in private and provide space to practice them publicly like the early church did. The long-term purpose of corporate spiritual practice is to train our habits so that Christian habits become instinctual and you keep practicing these things after leaving College.


College Chapel is an essential component of your spiritual growth, providing opportunities for corporate worship, fellowship, and edification. Twice a week we gather as the whole college community to sing, pray, minister and teach one another. Staff, students and guests feed into the smorgasbord of spiritual nourishment. Many students say that chapel is regularly the highlight of their week.

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