Mini Semester

Mini Semester

Flexible Learning

Go deeper in a week of intensive learning

Mini Semesters are onsite, modular class weeks that are open to current, returning, and new students. We have 5 Mini Semesters each academic year (typically in September, November, January, February and April), instructed by a diverse range of adjunct faculty with specialized backgrounds. They are a flexible and affordable option for students to gain credits as visiting students from other colleges and universities.

A Mini is the perfect opportunity to take a class with us and get a better feel for our school, community and culture.

Mini D

Feb 28 - Mar 4

Christian Family Life

Christian Family Life

Brian Heaney

Pentecostal Theology

Pentecostal Theology

Bryan Neisteter

Who Can Attend

A place and a space for every learner

Mini’s are open for all types of learners to attend.

Current Students

With a wider range of classes to choose from, Mini’s are the best way for you to branch out into your specific areas of interests.

Talk to the Registrar about which classes are best suited for you.


Mini’s are the perfect way for Alumni to take their annual free class. Graduates can attend one audit class per academic year. Alumni will need to cover a minimal administration fee, plus room and board if staying on campus. If you wish to take the course for credit, all you need to pay is the difference in tuition between an audit and credit course (about $60).

Visit our Alumni page for more information.

High School Students

Students in Grade 12 can get a head-start on their higher education journey by taking a Mini in their school break. You’ll get a good taste of life here at EC too.

Contact our Registrar to discover how this can work for you.


Students from other education programs, and those who want to take a class for personal or professional development are invited to take a Mini at EC. Your results will be transferred to your current University.

Please contact our Registrar to make sure your desired class suits your current study situation.


Eston College gladly offers one mini-semester class without charge to existing pastoral staff who are recognized by a congregation. You will need to cover a minimal administration fee, plus room and board if staying on campus.

Contact our Registrar to apply for your free class.

Start your application today!

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