Worship Minor


Lead in spirit and truth

as a musician / as a disciple

There are young Davids right now who are “tending sheep” in their high school years. And there are older Davids who have been tending to churches, but have never had a Samuel.

Through Biblical hands-on training, both will take ground for the Kingdom in the church, in the marketplace, and on the mission field. Their contagious, laid-down adoration, is the reward of the Lamb’s suffering.

Our Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry (Worship Minor) aims to raise them up and send them out, equipped with character, heart posture, skill, knowledge, and experience to lead – and to change the world by multiplying adoration for the Lamb.

The Bible describes musical worship using world-changing language (Isaiah 42:10-13; 2 Chronicles 20:13-22; Acts 16:22-34; etc.).

It also describes a heart posture of worship as one of God’s greatest desires (Matthew 22:37-38; John 4:23; Mark 12:33).

This is reflected by David’s investment into the worshipers of his day; he gave over $100 billion USD (at modern prices) to God’s house (1 Chron 22:14). Raising up worshipers is worth more skill, time, and money than we could devote to it. It is absolutely worth the lives of young leaders.

And God isn’t the only one seeking true worshipers; countless churches across the country desperately need worship leaders. And many are hoping to hire them yesterday!

Through this program we seek to pour out the adoration Jesus deserves, to meet. the needs of churches, and to send worshipers into every sector of society with world-changing power.

  • Core EC classes
  • Biblical theology of worship
  • Personal expressions and heart posture of worship, through all of life
  • Skill with an instrument/voice and with a band
  • The difference between musical industry and true worship
  • Humble and flexible worship leading that is transferable to life, traditional church, new expressions of church, and the music industry
  • Practical music theory and instrument ability that works on stage and in songwriting
  • Engage in the core classes, expressions and community of Bible college life
  • Learn by doing, thanks to competency-based worship classes
  • Lead worship with a team
  • Minister on the road and the mission field with many churches and other groups
  • Write and record music

The worship-focus portion of this program is lead by Deeper Life Ministries*, in conjunction with a strong collaborative of worship pastors; music directors; award-winning songwriters and producers; and other leaders from across Canada.


Year 1 is primarily a Bible and discipleship focus, while years 2 and 3 add a strong worship focus.

YEAR 1: students will share all core freshman classes with the EC student body. Elective classes are Intro to Musicianship and hands-on worship experience (at the college and on the road) through Student Ministry credits. 3 credit hours of music lessons are also required, over the course of the first two years.

YEAR 2: 5 core classes, plus worship-focused Student Ministry, Biblical Theology of Worship, Musicianship, Collaborative Musicianship, and Songwriting I. (Year two will include a slightly increased cost of no more than $1000.)

YEAR 3: 5 core classes, Worship Leadership, and four electives. Possible electives include: Live Audio/Visual Production, Recording Arts, Songwriting II, Psalms, Worship Leading II, Ministry Team Building, Church Governance & Finance, Advanced Music Theory, Prophetic Creative Arts, or Musical Entrepreneurship. (Students who wish to engage in the capstone recording project will need to fundraise recording costs.)

Year 1 is primarily a Bible and discipleship focus, while years 2 and 3 are heavily worship-focused.

Therefore, year 1 auditions do not determine final admission. They instead determine theory placements, and identify any help needed in order to reach 2nd-year competency standards for final admission. This provides a grace period of one year for students who may not have otherwise been admitted into the program, to catch up on musical skill. And if a student does not wish to continue with the worship focus, they will still have a freshman year under their belt.

Year 2 auditions do determine final admission into the Worship Minor of years 2 and 3. This audition will test basic competencies such as understanding of their instrument, equivalent of Royal Conservatory basic theory, playing/singing by ear, innate sense of musicality and musical awareness, chord progressions, and time signatures.

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